We are pleased to announce that we have Sakabukuros in stock now!

These are the 50~60 years old bags used for the making process of Sake,
Japanese rice wine, to squeeze it from fermented rices. 
Sake o tukuru fukuro →Sakabukuro


Weaving Artists "atelier KUSHGUL" exhibition began at LINNET

From Saturday, atelier KUSHGUL exhibition began.The photograph above is a desktop machine made from handmade. 

We are going to sell these fabrics on the web.


Somerset Art Weeks 2010

Somerset Art Weeks 2010
Venue 143

18 September-3 October 2010
Liz Clay , LINNET

a studio exhibition presenting
exquisite textile design
from England and Japan

We are going to take part in the exhibition by our friend Liz Clay,in
Somerset Art Weeks 2010( from 18th Sept to 3rd October!)
We have sent some clothing items such as blouses, baloon shaped dress, etc.
If you have a chance to visit Somerset in UK,
Please stop by at Venue 143, Liz's place, to find works by Liz Clay and
LINNET there! 


Those amazing works are by one of our customer, Laurent.

Those amazing  works are by one of our customer, Laurent.
His stitching works are all in hand-sewn and hand-embroidered.
Fabrics:Canvas Classico No8
You can see more works on sale from his on-line shop:

For those brown bags, he uses japanese sakabukuro, which is 
cotton bags used to filter raw sake and would end up 
dyed in a beautiful brown color leached from the persimmon tannin.
( I was given to know what about the sakebukuro from Laurent.)

From his blog, You can collect images for a chain of inspiation , 
which is rustic, romantic and nostalgic, just like Laurent's works :


The Letters from Vejas

The small exhibition has been started today at LINNET store, displaying the
amazing works by Vejas, 13 years old Canadian boy.

You can read more about this exhibition at Mayumi(LINNET owner)'s blog.


LINNET Chambrey Inkberry

The fabric color is wonder.
There is the different image after made into garments.
 It has a different image from just the fabric itself.

LINNET Chambrey Inkberry is the yarn dyed fabric 
that is woven with two color yarns of vivid pink-red and purple.

It looks to have a storng character as a fabric,
but the tailored Chambrey Inkberry is going nicely 
with other clothing items in chic colores like gray and indig blue,black. 


Organic Linen Suit

Rabbi Nahum Ben-Yehuda, our friend and a customer, sent us photos of nice suits made from our organic linen 'foglia', and also a tie from organic linen 'agate' (the image below).

Organic linen yarns for this fabric, are from Italian spinning company, and we are given to know that we are an only supplier in the world for providing fabrics made from those yarns, cut by meter.  So I believe this suit is the first tailored suit from this organic linen fabric!

Rabbi Nahum is a textile historian for Biblical and Talmudic heritage, and also a designer and craftman for linen. He works beautifully by with linen by himself. Now he teaches at the university in Israel, and he is the one of the ' ultra linen lover' whom I have met.

( Thank you so much Nahum!)


Akiko Mano's Exhibiting!

We are exhibiting works for kids garments by Akiko Mano, cerebrating the release of her newest book!
She is one of a most popular sewing artist in Japan nowadays. You can find her faburous book titled 'Linen, Wool, Cotton' in English.
At this exhibition, those garments are on sale,  being sized mainly for hight 100~130cm, and priced around JPY7,000.-(approximately USD73.00~).
You can find the works list at our web exhibition.
Sorry for not having English translation for that page, but we hope you can enjoy the images of the lovely works!
 If you are interested in some items, please email us indicating the alphabet which the item is carrying. And off course, please feel free to ask us any additional questions by email also.