new! Pattern/No.8 Shawl Collar Brouse

Pattern/No.8 Shawl Collar Brouse

The blouse with smallshawl collar.
Simple and elegant.
Length S:51cm(20.09in), M:51.5cm (20.28in), L:52cm (20.47in)
Bust/waist S:90cm (35.43in), M:96cm(37.80in), L:100cm(39.37in),XL:107cm ,XXL:115cm
fabric needed:
width 150cm(59.06in)  1.1m (43.31in)
width 110cm(43.31in)  1.7m (66.93in)
please note:
It is a slender design.
Please use no. 63 if you want larger .


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Naturally Dyed Linen Gauze

dye plant:safflower

Linen Fabric

Naturally Dyed Linen Gauze

This linen fabric is Linen Gauze No 110, which is dyed with natural pigment from safflower and natural water , by the artist working in Kyoto.
The pigment is made by the artist herself raising safflower.
There is very time-consuming job process in order to make safflower pigment, that is to soak the flowers in the water for 1-2 days and squeezing patiently. That exhausting work deserves this beautiful 100% safflower red.
In Heian era in Japan (some 1200 years ago), This color was banned for the general people, and exclusive just for the aristocrats, who are also long for this color.
Nicely dyed soft and smoky red color is nice as shawl or the garments such as blouse, and so on.
w110cm 43.3071inch
made in Kyoto Japan
(dye plant:safflower dye mordant:acetic,soda ash)


New Pattern/No.126 Pattern/Blouse with Wide Shawl Collar

No.126Pattern/Blouse with Wide Shawl Collar

Relaxing blouse with wide shawl collar. It has rather wide front placket with 15mm buttons, having tucks asides. 
In winter, it can go nicely for layered style, and if it is made with wool and linen& wool, wearable like a jacket.
Length 61cm (S,M,L )
Bust S:110.6cm M:113cm L:116cm
 S66cm M67cm L68cm
Fabric and notions you need: 
w90cm 2.4m
w110cm 2.3m
w150cm 1.4m
1.5cm diameter button:6pieces 


We wish all you have a happy and peaceful new year 2019.

We wish all you have a happy and peaceful new year 2019.