Organic Linen Suit

Rabbi Nahum Ben-Yehuda, our friend and a customer, sent us photos of nice suits made from our organic linen 'foglia', and also a tie from organic linen 'agate' (the image below).

Organic linen yarns for this fabric, are from Italian spinning company, and we are given to know that we are an only supplier in the world for providing fabrics made from those yarns, cut by meter.  So I believe this suit is the first tailored suit from this organic linen fabric!

Rabbi Nahum is a textile historian for Biblical and Talmudic heritage, and also a designer and craftman for linen. He works beautifully by with linen by himself. Now he teaches at the university in Israel, and he is the one of the ' ultra linen lover' whom I have met.

( Thank you so much Nahum!)


Akiko Mano's Exhibiting!

We are exhibiting works for kids garments by Akiko Mano, cerebrating the release of her newest book!
She is one of a most popular sewing artist in Japan nowadays. You can find her faburous book titled 'Linen, Wool, Cotton' in English.
At this exhibition, those garments are on sale,  being sized mainly for hight 100~130cm, and priced around JPY7,000.-(approximately USD73.00~).
You can find the works list at our web exhibition.
Sorry for not having English translation for that page, but we hope you can enjoy the images of the lovely works!
 If you are interested in some items, please email us indicating the alphabet which the item is carrying. And off course, please feel free to ask us any additional questions by email also.