New! Amazing Beautiful linen/Ensoleier OX & HB

Width:155~158cm cm (61.02〜 62.20inches)
made in Japan

Ensoleier OX Grass green 

made in japan
It is Linen Ox-weave of our Ensoleier. Ox is woven with two of warp and weft each aligned. It is easy to pick up vertical and horizontal threads, so also highly recommended for cross stitch embroidery.
Good for clothing, andc curtains, table linens, sheets and kitchen towels.The color is in grass green.

Ensoleier HB Grass green

made in japan

It is linen herringbone of our Ensoleier quality.
Slightly thicker than the LINNETfab series . It is recommended for clothing and also for curtains, table linens, sheets and kitchen towels. The width of the herringbone pattern is about 15 mm across.
The colors are in off-white and herringbone of grass green, which is a beautiful green yellowherringbone.