Happy Thanksgiving! BLACK FRIDAY 2016>LINNET


Happy Thanksgiving!

How are you enjoying your thanksgiving holidays?we offer special discount for the celebration!
Goods  All 10% off.
Only for overseas customers.
(outside  JAPAN)

Time limitation  end of  25/11/2016  Eastern Standard Time.

Please order first in automatic process.
Then, after that
It becomes analog correspondence.

If you would like payment via Paypal, we will email you the 10% off grand total to be paid, with exact postage .
If you prefer to pay by credit card via our secured system VeriTrans3G, we will adjust the amount to be charged on your credit card.--
1.    We temporary charge JPY2,000 when you click to “SUBMIT THE ORDER” icon.
2.    We send you a confirmation mail with subtotal amount without postage.
3.    we will caliculate the exact postage by exact weight and measurement of the parcel .Then 10% off grand total amount including exact shipping cost will be charged on your credit card , or we claim the payment via Paypal from you.

Thank you!